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What exactly is the Impressions Body?

Why don't the clothes fit my body when i add the custom body ?


The Impressions Body allows you to experience what it would be like for clothing to really SQUEEZE onto your avatar. Each outfit that is created for the Impressions Body by the Yen. Body Shop comes with a custom version of the body to fit that particular outfit.

In order for the outfits that are created with the Squeeze effect to work you must remove the regular version of the Impressions Body. 


The Impressions Body is a groundbreaking addition to the Second Life landscape, offering unparalleled realism in body shapes and physics for an immersive experience like no other. Seamlessly transition between our various versions to tailor your avatar to your current roleplaying requirements. We're thrilled to embark on this new chapter with you and look forward to introducing even more options in the near future.





But Kaitlyn if the clothes come with a body what is the point of buying the full version of the body? 

Well not all clothes squeeze right? Sometimes you want to buy clothing from other stores and thats where the full version comes in. There are so many great items created for the Impressions Body.

Oh wow i had no idea. Do you think you can tell me some good places to find clothes for my new body?

Oh of course ! Well For starters if you go on the Secondlife Marketplace and search Impressions you will find many options. I will also drop a link to a lsit of stores 

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